What’s the difference between Cabify and a taxi?

We want to give you lots of options when you're getting around the city. That's why in many of our cities, (find out which ones here), you can order a taxi via the Cabify app.

Bear in mind these differences between the categories:

  • In a Cabify, you'll pay an upfront price that won't change if you hit traffic. With a taxi, you'll see the estimated price range and then pay depending on the taximeter.
  • In a taxi, you'll be able to go in the taxi lane when there is one.

Remember, whether you order a taxi or a Cabify via the app, you'll always enjoy benefits such as:

  • Track and share your journey in real-time.
  • See the vehicle and driver details before it arrives.
  • Choose how you pay; automatically via your account, or in cash.


Cabify vehicles use a VTC licence, which is different to a taxi licence. For more info on ordering the taxi category in Spain, see here.


If you want to know more about collaborating with us as a taxi driver, click here.
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