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Cabify guide

How can I order a Cabify?

It’s quite simple. Once you've created an account, follow these steps:

Via the app:

  • Choose your pick up and drop off points
  • Select the type of vehicle you need. You'll see a price estimate.
  • You can leave a message for the driver here.
  • Check your journey information is correct and press “Order now”.


The moment you order your ride, Cabify will start searching for the nearest driver to come and pick you up. Enjoy the ride!

Via the website:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select ´Order a Cabify' from the menu
  • Specify whether it's for you, another user on your account (an employee) or a guest (somebody not on your account).
  • Complete the relevant info: pick up and drop off point, date, category of vehicle.
  • Enter a charge code (if necessary)
  • Add a message to the driver if you need to.
  • We'll show you the estimated price for this journey before you confirm the order.


Follow this process for both immediate requests and reservations.

It's also possible to order more than one Cabify at once. To do so, you folow same steps described above new account.

In the 'Journeys' section you can see the status of the journeys on your account.

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