Motorcycles in Cabify: useful information

In the Cabify app you will find the option to rent a motorcycle by the minute. It is a sustainable and practical way to move around the city. You can find them in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions:

Who can use our services?

You must be over 18 and have at least an AM (moped) driving license.

Where can I use the vehicles?

In Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, exclusively through our Cabify app.

When can I use it?

Whenever you want! We are available all day at all hours.

How can I upload my documents?

Access the 'Drive' section in the app and reserve one of our vehicles.

Why do I have to add the ID and driving license?

So that you can drive safely and insured, we need a way to identify you.

Am I insured when using the service?

Yeah! Third party insurance is included in the price of each trip. But remember: the best insurance is responsible driving.

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