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Problems with a journey

The driver took a long way round and charged me extra

In Cabify the rates are fixed from point to point, so the price of your trip will depend on the optimal route between the point of origin and the destination.

The price may vary depending on availability of vehicles at that time, but if there is a surcharge, you'll see it when confirming your order.

The price can only vary from the estimation given if:

  • if you make extra stops during your journey;
  • if you exceed the courtesy waiting time (see your city’s fares page for info on waiting times);
  • if you change your drop off point,
  • if you go through tolls,
  • if you change your pick up point after the courtesy waiting time has elapsed.

For more information on what to do if you believe that your driver did not act appropriately, see "What can I do if I was unhappy with the driver?"

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