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Problems with a journey

My pick up point doesn’t match my geolocalization

When using GPS location, try and connect to WiFi for greater accuracy. For more tips on how to better give a GPS location, see 'The app isn’t reading my location correctly. What can I do?'.

When you use your GPS location to indicate your pick up point instead of stating an address, the driver will go to whatever address the GPS gives them. If they arrive at this location and can’t find you, they will call you to find out exactly where you are. The journey between their initial location and where you are will count as driver waiting time. Bear in mind that once the waiting time goes over 5 minutes, it will be charged for.

Additional regional information


  • You need to make sure you’re in the place you specified for the pick up point. If you’re not, the journey may be cancelled and you may be charged a cancellation fee, as long as the driver was at the specified location.


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