The app isn’t reading my location correctly. What can I do?

When ordering your Cabify, the most reliable way to give your pick up point is entering an address, either by writing it directly or searching via place name (e.g 'Cafe Sol').

However, sometimes you may want to simply send your current location as the pick up point. If the app isn't reading your location properly, try and connect to WiFi. You can also try changing your location settings:

  • If you’re using Android:
    Go to 'Settings' -> 'Location' and select the mode you prefer. GPS is more accurate but consumes more battery, while using mobile networks or WiFi is less precise but has a lower consumption.
  • If you are an iPhone user, we recommend:
    Go to 'Settings' -> 'Privacy' -> 'Location services' and make sure that the location is active and enabled in our application.

If you’re ordering a Cabify but you’re worried that the given location might not be completely accurate, once you've orderred you can use the chat to write or call the driver to explain exactly where you are.

When possible, enter a street address when choosing your pick up point, instead of relying on GPS. it’s the most reliable way.

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