Why does Cabify need all these permissions in the Android app?

All the permissions we ask for are necessary for the app to function correctly.

  • Identity: needed to create a user account in Cabify.
  • Contacts: needed to send invitations to your contacts
  • Location: needed so your Cabify can come and find you.
  • Telephone: needed so that you can communicate with the driver in case of an incident.
  • Photos / Multimedia: needed in order to set up the user profile
  • Device ID and call data: needed to facilitate the registration process

Other permissions:

  • Receive internet data / Complete access to the network / See connections in the network: Cabify needs internet connection in order to work
  • Use device accounts: needed to manage your Cabify account.
  • Access the configuration of Google services: needed to be able to use push notifications, localization services and maps.
  • Vibration control: Needed so that your phone vibrates when something important is happening, such as when your driver has arrived to collect you.
  • Ability to prevent the device going into standby mode: Needed in order to receive push notifications
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