Can I use the Cabify app on my Apple Watch?

Yes! Although you won’t be able to perform all the operations that a phone would allow, there are certain actions that you can see from your watch face.

From the screen of your Apple Watch you will be able to:

  • Check the status of your trip: “Confirming”, “Searching", "Arriving", "Waiting for you" and "In progress".
  • View your driver’s estimated time of arrival.
  • Check the vehicle’s license plate.
  • Consult the estimated time of arrival at your destination when you’re in the vehicle.
  • Verify the point of origin, the final destination, and the method of payment selected.

In addition, you can add the Cabify complication to your watch face. If you want to know how, read the article on “How to install Cabify on my Apple Watch?”.

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