Is Cabify really ‘carbon neutral’ and what does that actually mean?

Yes, to minimize the impact we have on the environment and climate change, we are ‘carbon neutral’ and so is your journey with us! That means we measure our carbon footprint and we offset it by funding projects to take the same amount of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere that our activities put into it. Learn more about how and why we do this on our ‘carbon neutral’ web page.

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How does it work?

Firstly, we use highly respected (and fully-certificated) carbon offsetting experts Climate Trade to measure the amount of carbon dioxide we generate as a business year on year, taking into account the CO2 from the millions of journeys on our platform, the energy needed to power our offices, and even our employees’ commutes to work.

Taking into account the total CO2 that we’ve generated, we then collaborate with various environmental projects in order to offset the same amount.

What kind of environmental projects?

We collaborate in environmental projects across various countries that we operate in.

Brazil Nuts, Peru

Creating sustainable jobs also prevents deforestation! This project brings together hundreds of families and offers them a new way of life: harvesting Brazilian nuts in the Peruvian Amazon instead of farming crops or livestock.

Solid Waste, Brazil

Can garbage be used to generate green electricity? Yes! This initiative achieves this by capturing and burning the methane produced by the decomposition of organic waste. What’s more, it prevents the emission of greenhouse gases.

Trupan Biomass, Chile

The transformation of biomass waste (sawdust and bark) into renewable fuel is the heart of this project. But not only that: it also creates job opportunities, prevents water pollution and reduces the risk of forest fires in the region.

Why does Cabify do this?

We are very conscious of the impact our actions have on the environment and we take responsibility for playing our part in the fight against climate change. We’ll continue to reduce emissions everywhere we can until the day comes when the vehicles on our platform run on totally clean, renewable energy. But right now, there are emissions that we can’t avoid. So we offset them.

This initiative is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and seeks to have a clear impact in the sustainable mobility of our cities. We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives and the 2030 UN goals.

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