Can a small child travel without a child seat?

At Cabify we always respect the law. Most countries’ laws state that if a child is under a certain height (usually 1.35 m), they must ride in a Child Retention System (child seat) placed in the rear of the vehicle.

So, to use Cabify with a child or baby, please follow these tips:

  • In Cabify we have the Child Retention Systems necessary to cater to your baby or child's size and weight (groups 0, 1, 2 and 3). Request it in your message to the driver (see "Can I send a message to the driver?").
  • The first child/baby seat is FREE in most countries, and there will be a cost for each additional seat (check specific country info below). The additional amount will be added to your journey invoice.
  • If you request a child seat when ordering an immediate journey, we can't guarantee that the vehicle will have the child seat that you need.
  • To request more than one child seat, the request must be made at least 6 hours in advance, up to a maximum of 3 seats per journey.
  • Finally, don’t forget that seats in Group 0 or Group 0 + have to be placed in the opposite direction of travel.


In Argentina law requires that children under 12 or under 1.20 metres should travel in the rear seats of the vehicle and should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.


In Colombia we do not currently provide a child seat service.


Select the Cabify Kids category. All Cabify Kids vehicles include Group 1-2-3 child seats and a 2€ SRI supplement is included in the price. Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to request a Group 0 (Maxicosi) or a second child seat.

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