At Cabify we love animals and that is why you can transport your pet, as long as it is in its carrier. Depending on local laws, the pet and its carrier may have to be mounted in the trunk of the vehicle.
Please make sure that your pet does not make the vehicle dirty. If so, we may charge a cleaning fee.
Of course, in all our cities approved assistance dogs can travel without a carrier. For more information on how our service is adapted to people with disabilities, please see 'Is Cabify accessible for disabled passengers?'.


The Cabify Pet category is only available in the Buenos Aires region. To use this service, it is important that you can comply with our protocol:

- The animal must be less than 60 cm in height.

- Only one pet is allowed per trip.

- The pet must travel accompanied by the passenger user at all times.

- Every pet must be transported in a kennel and/or cage. Alternatively, a tarp or towel should be used on which the pet can remain during the journey.

- The passenger (owner) of the pet must carry bags and/or tissues in case the animal has any physiological needs, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the vehicle.

- In the case of dogs considered potentially dangerous, they must be led with a muzzle and leash whose length and strength are sufficient to ensure control over them, including the vehicle in which they are transported.

Please note that the driver has the right to refuse the trip if they verify that these terms and conditions are not met.

In the rest of the cities, animal transportation is currently not allowed. It is the driver who decides whether it is possible to travel with animals or not. Therefore, we recommend that you inform your driver if you are bringing a pet with you. You can refer to our article "Can I contact the driver?" for more information.


It is possible to travel with pets as long as the relevant laws are followed. In the case of large animals, their harness must be used. The customer will have to bear the cost of cleaning if the vehicle is left dirty.


If you want to travel with your pet, you can do so in the Lite or Executive categories as long as you take them in a travel kennel.
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