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Problems with a journey

Lost property: What can I do if I left something in the vehicle?

Don’t worry. All lost items are brought to the local office by the drivers and registered by our team. So, if you think you left something in your Cabify, contact the local Cabify office. 

If we have your item, we’ll let you know. Then you can:

  • Order a Cabify Express (if available in your city) to bring it to your home or office (using our office’s address as the pick up point)
  • Please note, if you send someone else to pick up your item for you, you’ll need to give written permission for this person to do so.

Additional regional information


  • Our local office will facilitate the exchange of the lost item between the client and the driver. If the client uses a Cabify to collect the object, they will need to pay for this journey as normal.


  • In Portugal, your local Cabify office will facilitate the exchange of the item between driver and client, instead of holding items in the office. The client will have to pay any transport charges necessary in this process.
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