How can I access my personal data or modify it?

In Cabify you can access you data whenever you want. Just follow these steps:

For personal details, password and promotions:

  • Open the menu and press ‘My account.’
  • Select ‘My info.’
  • Once there, you can access and edit your:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Phone number
    • ID document
    • Email
    • Loyalty program
    • Willingness to receive promotions
    • Password


For your favourite places:

  • Open the menu and press ‘My account.’
  • Select ‘My places.’
  • Once there, hold down on the location and select ‘Delete’ to remove it. If you want to add a new location, you just need to press’+’ and follow the instructions.


For your preferences:

  • Open the menu and press ‘My account’
  • Select ‘My preferences’
  • There you’ll be able to modify your journey preferences: music, driver calls, A/C etc.


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