What are Top-ups and how can I make one?

Top-ups are one of the available payment methods for pay-per minute motorcycles and cars* (WiBLE). You load an amount onto your app and it gets deducted as you travel. The best part? Every time you top-up, you get an extra bonus!

*Remember that you can only use this credit for driving pay-per-minute motorcycles and cars.

How much bonus credit do I get when I top-up?
To help you save when using pay-per-minute motorcycles or cars, we’ll give you an instant bonus every time you top-up.

These are the bonuses you receive when you top-up: 

Top-up Bonus (extra for free)
€9.90 + €1.10
€19.90 + €5.10
€44.90 + €20.10


To make a top-up, go to the ‘Payment Methods’ section, enter the ‘Top-ups’ section, and follow the steps in your app.

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