I have a question about Top-ups, what should I do?

We might have the answer right here! Take a look:


What should I do if my balance doesn’t update after a top-up or a ride?

If after a couple hours you still don’t see any changes reflected in your app, you can contact us:

Go to the menu

Click “Help”

Select “Motorcycles” or “WiBLE”

Select “Top-up inquiry”


How do I use the credit from my top-ups? 

Have you already topped up? It’s very easy to use. Simply ensure it’s selected as your payment method before you travel. Then, reserve your rental motorcycle or car and drive at your leisure.


How long are Top-ups valid for?

Your total balance remains valid for 365 days from the last top-up date.


How many Top-ups can I make?

As many as you want.


Can I use Top-ups to pay for a ride-hailing service or taxi?

No, Top-ups are only valid for shared motorcycle and car rides.


Can I request a refund for a top-up?

No, once a top-up has been made, it’s not possible to request a refund.


What happens if the cost of my ride exceeds my balance?

If you don’t have enough credit to cover your last trip, you will incur a debt. You can pay this off using another payment method.


What happens if I have a low balance?

To travel using ‘Top-ups’ you must have at least the following balance:

3.00 if you’re traveling by motorcycle

9.00 if you’re driving a shared car (car sharing)


If your balance is insufficient, you’ll need to top-up again to be able to travel using this payment method.

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