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What is a pre-authorization?

When you order a Cabify, we automatically send a transaction called “pre-authorization. This process is to make sure your payment method is working well and contains sufficient funds to meet the cost of the journey you’re about to make. This process applies to both debit/credit cards and PayPal.

It’s important to understand that a ‘pre-authorization’ is a transaction that Cabify sends to your card issuer, and it is not an actual charge. We won’t charge you until you’ve completed the journey. At this stage, no money has actually left your account. It’s possible (though not the norm) that your card issuer won’t be prepared to receive these pre-authorizations. In this case, you might need to contact them.

The pre-authorization hold will be made in relation to the estimated price of your journey as calculated on the app. If you don’t state a drop off point when you order your Cabify, or the journey details change, the pre-authorization amount may differ from the final charge amount.

If we request the pre-authorization and it is not accepted by the bank that issued your card, your ride will be canceled and you must contact the bank for further details.

OK, so what happens when I complete my journey?

When you reach your drop off point and your journey is finalized, the pre-authorization charge is confirmed and the amount is debited from your account.

There may be occasions when the pre-authorization amount is different to the value of your journey. For example, if you don’t enter a drop off point when ordering, if you change any of your journey details or if you exceed the courtesy waiting time. There then exist two possibilities:

  • If the cost of your journey is greater than the pre-authorization amount, we will make a second charge (this time an authorization) on your card in addition to the previous pre-authorization, so that the total amount you are charged matches the journey price (pre-authorization + difference = total charge).
  • Alternatively, if the value of your journey is lower than the pre-authorization amount, we will immediately return the pre-authorization amount and make a new charge equal to the new lower journey price. Please bear in mind, it may take a few days for the reimbursement of the pre-authorization to show up in your account, depending on your card issuer. If you have any problems, please contact the bank that issued you the card.

What if I cancel the journey myself?

In the case that you cancel your journey without charge (see "Can I cancel a journey without cost"), the pre-authorization hold will be released immediately, although it depends on your bank and their refund policies as to how quickly you’ll see that the fund limit in your account has been released.

When we make a pre-authorization hold on your account, your bank may send you a notification message telling you that your card has been charged. However, it’s just a temporary hold, the money won’t leave your account until we confirm the pre-authorization at the end of your journey.

Additional regional information

    • Colombia

For security reasons, up until your fifth journey with us, we will make a pre-authorization every time your order a Cabify. The amount will match the value of the journey calculated from the pick up to drop off point. If you don’t enter a drop off point, the pre-authorization amount will be $4.500COP.

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