Why have I been charged an extra amount

With Cabify, you’ll never have to pay any hidden extras. We always inform you clearly about any supplementary charges for things like tolls or extra child seats. So if you notice an unexpected extra charge on your bank statement, usually for a very small amount, it will almost certainly be a pre-authorization we made.

A pre-authorization is when we temporarily ‘freeze’ a very small amount of money in your bank account to confirm that you have sufficient funds. If your card uses Visa or Amex, the sum never actually leaves your account and your bank should ‘unfreeze’ it within ten working days, often sooner. If you use Mastercard, the pre-authorisation charge will be processed and that amount taken off your final charge.

We do this when you add a payment method and also sometimes when you order a Cabify, for example if you haven’t used us in a while. It’s a very common procedure, important for security, and it doesn’t mean you’re being charged anything extra.

However, if you do think you have been charged incorrectly, you can contact us and we’ll help get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. Please make sure you attach a download or screenshot of your receipt showing the relevant charge.

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