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How can I ask for an invoice?

If you want to receive invoices via email, you just need to enter your tax details or those of your business. Here's how:

  • Log into you account via the website
  • Select ´Billing' from the menu
  • Click on the 'Invoices' tab
  • If you haven't yet entered your business details, click 'Begin' and complete the financial information. From now, you'll receive invoices via email.


 Please bear in mind, we can't generate invocies for journeys paid in cash.

Additional local information:

  • Argentina:

In Argentina, the receipt you receive via email represents an invoice. If you are an individual user and you will need an invoice, you can ask for one up to 48 hours in advance of the journey. Of course, Business users still get automatic invoicing.

  • Colombia:

The receipt that we send you via email isn't a valid business invoice. To receive invoices made out to your company name, you need to have a Cabify Business account. Our business team can set this up for you; contact them at soporte.co@cabify.com.

  • Spain:

The simplified invoice that you will receive as an individual user is legally valid as stated in the current billing regulations (RD 1619/2012).

If you make a journey as a business owner or professional, in the pursuit of your activity, and you have right to a deduction, you can follow the steps explained above to request an invoice that includes the VAT breakdown. Remember to add your tax details before your journey is finalized.

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