Is Cabify accessible for disabled passengers?

Yes, we want you to be able to get around the city as easily as possible, no matter who you are.

Wheelchair users

If you’re a wheelchair user, you can travel in any of our categories, as long as your wheelchair can fold into the trunk. Your driver will be glad to help you and will make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible. When you’ve ordered, you can use the chat to tell the driver that you have a wheelchair with you, so they’ll be ready to help. Another option is our Access Taxi category, currently available only in Madrid, which is especially adapted for wheelchair users and people of reduced mobility. For more information, see ‘‘What is Cabify Access?’’.


Users with visual or hearing impairment

Our application is 100% accessible for blind passengers. It can be used through the screen reader service for iOS and Android. In addition, through the preferences of the app you can notify the driver if you have special needs so that you can receive the relevant attention. Our drivers have had access to informative sessions to learn how to offer you the best service.

For this, it is necessary to follow the steps below from the app:

Enter the menu in the upper left corner.

  • Click on 'My account'.
  • Then select 'Accessibility on the trip'
  • Once there you can mark the option or options that suit your need and that's it.

When you request a ride, the driver will receive this information.

We are working on new initiatives to improve our service for passengers with disabilities. If you have any comments or proposals, do not hesitate to contact us.

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