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What is Cabify Access?

Cabify Access* is our category of vehicles adapted for the exclusive use of wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. You’ll be picked up by a professional driver that has been specifically trained to meet the needs of reduced mobility passengers, so you can be sure of a comfortable and enjoyable journey. 

To order a Cabify Access, you just need to select ‘Access’ when choosing your category.

You’ll find the vehicles to be adapted to fit your needs, with:

  • Vehicles of up to max 4 spaces + rear area adapted for wheelchairs, ormax 6 spaces without a wheelchair.
  • Stainless steel floor ramp
  • Lightweight manual ramp
  • 2 rotating seats located in the third row (only available when the person with reduced mobility does not travel with a wheelchair).
  • Wheelchair security system consisting of:
      • 2 front electric seat belts to hold the seat at the front
      • 2 rear manual belts to hold the wheelchair at the rear, or 1 belt to hold the passenger in the wheelchair.
      • 1 seat belt to hold the passenger in the wheelchair
      • 1 electric step for easy access through right side door
      • 1 handle located on the right side door (for easy access through this side door)

Check out the rates for Cabify Access here.


*This service is currently only available in Madrid, Spain.

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