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Can I send a message to the driver?

Yes, you can write a message to the driver. It’s very simple, whether you’re ordering immediately or reserving for later.

When ordering on-demand via the app:

  • Choose your destination and vehicle and select ‘Next Step’. You will be asked to choose your destination, and underneath you will see a space to write a message to the driver.
  • Once a driver has been assigned to your order, you’ll be able to see all the driver’s details. If you need to speak to them, you just need to call the phone number shown on the screen.

Reserving via the app:

  • First select your date, pick up point and choose your car. When you confirm these details, you will be taken to a final summary screen. Here you will see a space to write a message to the driver.
  • (To add a message to an existing reservation, select ‘Active reservations’ from the left side menu, select the relevant journey and write your message in the box provided.)

Ordering/reserving via the website:

  • Simply press the ‘optional message to driver’ box which you’ll see just above the order button.
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