Cooltra is another brand of motosharing service that is integrated into the Cabify app so you have more options to move around. In his own words:

“Cooltra is a motosharing rental service by the minute that was born in 2006 in Barcelona as a human group committed to the idea of ​​transforming cities into more sustainable, safe and efficient places.”

Where can I park a Cooltra?

Although you can move freely around your city, the area  to parking vehicles is delimited. This is the enabled area that is shown in a lighter color on the app's map. To end your trip, you must always park within the established zone.

On the other hand, you have to take into account the municipal ordinance of each city, which establishes the parking regulations. Remember that, as a user, you are responsible for the correct parking of the vehicle you use and, in the case of improper use, you must take charge of the possible sanctions of the competent authority.

In which cities will Cooltra be available?

Thanks to this collaboration, Cabify users will have more vehicles available both in Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, they will now have this service available in Valencia thanks to Cooltra.

What are Cooltra's operating areas?

You will find the valid and most up-to-date map in our app once you choose Cooltra vehicles.

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