What do I need to be able to access the WiBLE service?

If you are in Madrid, access the WiBLE service in just 4 steps:

1-Enter the Cabify app and in the 'Travel' section click on 'Carsharing'.

2-A map will appear where you will see the cars that are closest to you. Click on the one you want to book.

3-Now you have to sign up. Upload the photos of your documents: ID and driver's license* on both sides and a photo of your face.

4-We will validate the documentation and that's it!

*Remember that your driving license must have been issued by a country in the EU, EEA or with an agreement to drive in Spain.

How do I know the autonomy that the vehicle has?

With WiBLE you can measure the autonomy of the vehicle by checking the instrument panel where you will find an indicator of the gasoline autonomy, electric autonomy and joint autonomy.

Remember that you should not end the trip with a range of less than 60 km. In this case, a surcharge of €30 will be applied.

What do I do if I see that a car is damaged before starting my service?

We recommend that before starting the trip you check the condition of the vehicle to verify that the condition is correct. If you detect any damage, please contact Customer Service.

Trip summary

Every time you finish a trip, you will receive an email with all the details of the journey. Also, if you want to see the summary of other routes, you can do it in the app. You just have to enter the 'Travel' section of the main menu.

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