Cabify Go! deal for IE students - FAQ

What is Cabify Go!? 

Cabify Go! is a subscription plan that allows you to save money and enjoy numerous benefits while getting around the city.


Go! for rides and deliveries by car. Pay a fixed fee and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10% off on all your Cabify journeys (applies to all Cabify categories: Kids, Group, Plus, and Cuanto Antes).
  • 30% off on Cabify Envíos (applies only to deliveries by car).
  • 30% off on Moto, Patinete and WiBLE rental (maximum discount of 5€ per journey and up to 10 journeys per month).


How do I subscribe to my 30% plan?

First you have to apply for your discounted rate by filling in the form appearing at the top of this page with the email address of your Cabify account. If you don’t have one, you must create one before signing up for your Cabify Go! plan at a special rate.

Once you apply for the discount, we will activate the Cabify Go! special rate in your app as soon as possible, and notify you by email. Then, log in to your app, confirm the purchase of your plan, and you can start enjoying its benefits!

Learn how to create a Cabify account here.


Who can apply for the discount?

All IE Business School students and alumni who have a Cabify account.


What if I already have a Cabify Go! plan?

First you have to cancel your current plan. Do this by opening your Cabify app, tapping on your profile picture, then on the 'Cabify Go!' menu, and finally on 'Cancel Subscription'. Once you’re done, return to this page to request your discount.


For how long do I have to wait for my subscription to be activated once I make the purchase? 

Once you make the purchase of the plan by following the above steps, activation will take place in less than an hour. This waiting time will only be necessary when you activate the subscription for the first time, since the renewal process is automatic.


Can I use my registered payment method? 

If you have a valid credit card registered in the app, you may use this card to pay. Just open your Cabify app, tap on your profile picture, and then on the option ‘Cabify Go!’. Once you get there, choose the plan and the payment method you would like to use.

We will notify you when your payment has been made, so you can start enjoying Cabify Go!


Can I cancel my subscription?

Whenever you want! You just have to open your Cabify app, tap on your profile picture, then on the 'Cabify Go!' menu, and finally on 'Cancel Subscription'.

You should cancel up to 48 hours before the renewal date of your plan. During this 48-hour period, the cancellation option will be disabled, so that we can process your renewal, and you can keep enjoying all the benefits of the subscription. But don’t worry, it will be active once your renewed plan has been activated.


Can I use my Cabify Go! subscription in any city or country? 

The Cabify Go! subscription plan is only available in Madrid, Spain, for now. We hope it will be available in more cities and countries soon! 


How can I monitor the use of my benefits? 

Once your plan has been activated, you will have access to a panel that lets you know how many times your benefits have been used, and how many uses are left, and whether there is any usage limit. You just have to open your Cabify app, tap on your profile picture, then on the 'Cabify Go!' menu, and done!


Do my benefits expire? 

Yes, it is a monthly plan, so your benefits are only available in the months you have paid the subscription for. Benefits cannot be accumulated or transferred to other months or used with other promotions.


Can I pass on the benefits to a friend or a relative?

No, these benefits are personal and non-transferable.


I have more questions about the Cabify Go! subscription plan. 

In that case, we recommend you contact us, and we will answer them as soon as possible. 

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