Cabify’s motorbikes and scooters: Useful information

Cabify’s motorbikes and scooters are the best way to get around the city in a sustainable and fast way. You can find them in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.


Who can use our motorbikes and scooters?

In the case of scooters, everyone over 16 years of age. For motorbikes, you must be over 18 and have at least an AM (moped) licence.


Where can I use the motorbikes and scooters?

In Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, exclusively through the Cabify app. Check here the operational zones.


When can I use motorbikes and scooters?

Anytime! Motorbikes are available all day and all hours. The scooters, in Madrid, can be used from 6:00 to 23:59 every day.


How can I upload my documents?

Just go to the 'Drive' section of the app and book one of our vehicles.


Why do I have to add my ID card and driving licence?

We need to have a way to identify you to ensure you can use our motorbikes and scooters with peace of mind.


Am I insured if I use motorbikes and scooters?

Yes! Third party insurance is included in the price of every journey. But remember: the best insurance is safe and responsible driving.

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