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Meeting point in Madrid - Atocha- Parking “Las Bóvedas”

Welcome to Madrid!

Just arrived at Atocha station and need a Cabify? Follow these steps to find it easily:

Arrivals from AVE - Floor 1

And if you're using our Taxi category?

Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent mobility restrictions in place at train stations, we recommend you get in touch with your driver to arrange your pick-up point.

Arrivals from AVE - Floor 1

'Las Bóvedas' car park

  • Exit the train and take the escalator to the moving walkways. When you finally exit, turn right and follow signs to the car park P2-P3.It’s opposite the car hire places.

And if you're using our Taxi category?

Parking "El Embarcadero"

  • If your train has arrived on Floor 0, follow the instructions in AVE Arrivals Planta 0 to find your taxi.
  • If your train has reached the 1st floor, go to the Cercanias hall and from there follow the signs to Arrivals Cercanías to find your taxi.
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