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What is Movo?

MOVO is a start-up that lets you rent electric mopeds and foot scooters to get across town with. You can find MOVO in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Mexico City and Lima.

If you're in Madrid, you might* be able to reserve a MOVO via the Cabify app. Here's how:

How can I order a MOVO via the Cabify app?

  • Open the Cabify app and press the 'Ride Movo' button
  • Select a vehicle on the map or walk up to one and scan the QR code
  • If you're going to rent a moped, follow the steps to validade your driving license.
  • Initiate the journey in the app and....ready! You can now get around the city on two wheels.


*Currently in a testing phase and only available to roughly 2% of Madrid users. Soon to be expanded to everyone!

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