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Cabify Business: FAQs Easy category

Cabify and Easy join forces to offer more mobility options in a single app. Now you can apply for the Easy category in the Cabify app when you want to get around the city by taxi. With this, we become the largest mobility platform in Latin America, expanding our network of cities worldwide and our transportation options. Here's everything you need to know about this new category.

Do I need to download the Easy app to order a taxi?

No, you don't. The Easy category is now available in both the Cabify app and web platform. Click here to find out how to order an Easy taxi.

How is the fare for the Easy category calculated?

The prices for the Easy category are approximate. Therefore, the final price may be different from the estimate.

The fares for this category are calculated taking into account the distance travelled and waiting times. In addition, the final amount will also vary if any of the following situations occur: parking, tolls or if any supplement is added (such as extra for suitcases or night time).

Can I make reservations with Easy taxis?

It’s not currently possible to reserve an Easy taxi.

How will journeys in the Easy category be billed?

Once the journey with the Easy category has been completed, Cabify will send you an email with a receipt for the journey.

In addition, you will receive a monthly invoice for all journeys made during the month, as well as an additional document with a breakdown of all journeys and their details. In this document you will be able to easily identify those that have been made with the Easy category.

Additional information

Colombia: Journeys in the Easy category will be billed by Easy Taxi, while journeys in the Cabify categories will continue to be billed by Cabify.

Will my company continue to pay the Easy administration fee?

Only one service fee will be charged per company, which will be the same as the one you have negotiated with your executive.

How does the Cabify Business platform work?

It's very simple! Consult our website for all the information necessary to use the Cabify Business platform.

Will the rates increase?

We are only aiming to provide more transport options for our passengers. This will not imply changes in our fares.

Remember that before you order a journey, you’ll be able to see and compare the prices of the different categories.

Will I be able to enable or restrict the Easy category for my users?

Yes, your company may use group permissions to enable or restrict the Easy category for certain user groups. In the event that the company does not want to offer the category to any of its users, it can apply a permission to do so.

The Easy category is available in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico for private users and in Brazil, Colombia and Chile for corporate users.

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