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Cabify Business: How can I use charge codes?

Using charge codes is very easy! If you’re a corporate user, you can enter a charge code when ordering a ride. Just follow these steps:

  • Enter the point of origin and destination.
  • Select one of the available charge codes in the list that will appear (in the field 'Enter charge code' if it is in the app or 'Enter label for this journey' if it is on the web).
  • You can also search for a charge code in the search engine.
  • Follow the usual steps (select category, write a message to the driver...) and... there you go! Your journey will now be associated with a charge code.


Remember that, if you’re an administrator, you can use the charge codes as labels to classify your team’s journeys, by project, client, departments, meetings, etc. This way, in the monthly reports you will have a more complete vision of the expenses.

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