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How is the journey price calculated?

At Cabify, we think you should always know how much a journey will cost you before you order it. That's why you'll always see the estimated price before your order.

So, here's how the price of your journey is calculated*:

  • Price per km: we calculate the fastest route from your pick up point to drop off point.
  • Price per minute: we calculate the predicted journey duration with real-time traffic conditions taken into account.
  • Service, safety and sustainability fee: small charge calculated in relation to the total journey price.
  • Additional charges: if applicable, a high demand surcharge may be added to ensure a better availability of vehicles, and/or any toll road charges.

At the end of the journey, charges will be added for any extras you have chosen to use such as stops mid-journey (calculated using the shortest route between each stop), extra waiting time or tolls or child seats that are not already included in the price.

To see a detailed breakdown of the prices in your city, go to our fares page and choose your country and city.

*Please note that if you choose the Taxi category, the fare will be calculated using the taximeter, as per the regulations of the city you're travelling in.

Additional regional information

Argentina and Chile: The service, safety and sustainability fee is called 'Service, safety and sustainability processing'

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