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What is Glovo?

Glovo is a delivery platform. You can use it for all sorts of things, including:

  • Ordering food from your favorite restaurants.
  • Getting something from a shop: Glovo will buy it and bring it straight to you.
  • Courier service: send or deliver whatever you need.

You may see Glovo as an option in the Cabify app, as we think it’s the best way to get something delivered to you. However, please bear in mind that it’s a separate service so you’ll need to download the Glovo app in order to use it and the responsibility for fulfilling your order will be with Glovo.

You’ll find Glovo as a recommendation within our app for delivery needs in the following cities:

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Chile: Santiago de Chile
  • Peru: Lima
  • Panama: Panama City
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