Alliance Cabify Ecuador and LATAM Pass Ecuador

Enjoy the LATAM Pass Loyalty Program, and earn points traveling with Cabify.

To start earning LATAM Pass Program Points, all you need to do is download the Cabify app from the App Store or Play Store, create an account, include your payment method and phone number.

Register your LATAM Pass membership number in the ‘Loyalty Program' option in your profile in the Cabify app.

Once registered you just have to order your Cabify and start traveling. From then on, for each journey made in Cabify Lite or Cabify Executive, a LATAM Pass Mile will be awarded for every kilometer driven.

For the Lite and Executive categories, point accrual is allowed on the Quito and Guayaquil routes only.

Point accrues only for private users of the application. Corporate user accounts do not apply.

If you are a new Cabify user, you will be able to participate in the launch promotion that gives you 600 LATAM Pass Points for your first Cabify journey in the period from March 1,2018 to December 31,2018, as long as you fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • Download the application
  • Create your Cabify account, register your details and enter a valid payment method
  • Register your LATAM Pass membership number
  • Complete your first journey without a discount.

See the full terms and conditions of the promotion at https://cabify.com/ecuador/latam-pass.

Your points will be reflected in your LATAM Pass member account no later than 7 days from the date the journey was completed.

LATAM Pass is a registered trademark of Latam Airlines. LATAM Pass Program, terms and conditions apply, available at https://www.latam.com/es_ec/latam-pass/. For more information go here.

1. How and where can I enter my LATAM Pass membership number in the Cabify App?

You must be a Cabify user. If you are not yet, enter the App Store or Google Play, download it, register, and enter your credit card details. To register your LATAM Pass membership number, go to your "Loyalty Program" information and enter your LATAM Pass membership number. You can only accumulate points/kilometres/points/point from one loyalty plan at a time.

2. I cannot enter my LATAM Pass membership number

  • a. - Are you a member of the LATAM Pass Program?

If you are not yet a member of the LATAM Pass Program, you must go to https://www.latam.com/es_ec/apps/personas/customerportal and complete the registration in accordance with the LATAM Pass Terms and Conditions. You need to have your email address, ID or passport number and date of birth.

  • b. - Is this the first time you have entered your LATAM Pass membership number in the Cabify application?

You must log in to your profile,select ¨My Account” , ¨My Info”, Select "Loyalty Program", choose "LATAM Pass- Ecuador" and enter the respective numbers. If you still can't enter your membership number, enter your details in the form below and we will contact you.

3. My points do not appear on my LATAM Pass account.

  • a. - Were you able to enter your membership number in the Cabify application without any problems?

If not, go back to question number two.

  • b. Did you register your LATAM Pass account and you’re still not earning points?

Make sure you have entered your LATAM Pass membership number correctly and have completed at least one journey of more than one kilometre, paying without a discount and you will automatically start to accumulate points on your next journey. Your points will be shown on your LATAM Pass statement within 7 days of completing the journey.

  • c. - Did you journey take place before registering your LATAM Pass membership number in the Cabify application?

No journey prior to registration of your LATAM Pass membership number on the Cabify app will accrue points. Point accrual is not retroactive, so you will need to register your LATAM Pass membership BEFORE ordering a service in the applicable categories. Points will not accrue if you registered your LATAM Pass membership number after the service is completed.

  • d. -Did you misregister your LATAM Pass membership number?

If you entered the program's membership number incorrectly, this is your sole responsibility as a user, and the corresponding LATAM Pass Points will not accrue until you correct the error.

  • e. - Is this your private personal Cabify account or is it a corporate account?

Only individual accounts accrue points, for now corporate accounts do not accrue points.

  • f.-Did your journey was paid using a 100% discount?

Only the kilometers paid in full price, without a discount, earn the total points equivalent to the travelled kilometers. If you used a different percentage discount, only the proportional points paid without a discount will be reflected in your LATAM Pass account. For example, if you paid a service with a 20% discount, you will receive the 80% kilometers that correspond to the paid journey.

4. Where can I see my my points earned?

Log in to https://www.latam.com/cgi-bin/site_login.cgi?page=https://www.latam.com/es_ec/ and log in with your username and password to view your statement.

5. How long will it take for the points to be credited to my member account?

Within 7 days after the Cabify journey.

6. I made this journey with someone else, will the points earned be divided among the passengers?

Points are accrued only on the LATAM Pass member account of the Cabify account holder from whom the service was requested.

You can consult our terms and conditions here.

7. What do I have to do to earn LATAM Pass points with Cabify?

To accumulate points, you need to be a LATAM Pass member, have an active account in Cabify and make a journey of more than two kilometers in Ecuadorian territory. To be part of the LATAM Pass program you must register at https://www.latam.com/es_ec/apps/personas/customerportal

8. How do I earn points using Cabify?

For each journey made in Cabify for the Lite and Executive category, one point will be awarded for every kilometer traveled with Cabify. You will earn the proportional part to a journey paid without a discount voucher.

9. In which Cabify categories can I earn points?

Point accrual can be made in the two categories available to the public: Cabify Lite and Cabify Executive. It’s not possible to earn points in Cabify for Business categories.

10. In which cities will I be able to earn points using Cabify Lite?

Quito and Guayaquil.

11. What if my journey includes a fraction of a kilometre, how many points do I actually earn?

The point accrual system works with approximation rounding up or down to the whole number as appropriate. For example, if your journey is 2.3 kilometers in Cabify, 2 points will be added to your LATAM Pass account; if on the other hand, your journey is 2.6 points in Cabify, you will see 3 points added to your account.

12. Do my points accumulate with decimals?

No, only points are accrued in integers with an approximation rounding up or down to the whole number as appropriate. For example, if your journey is 4.42 kilometers in Cabify, you’ll see 4 points added to your LATAM Pass account; if on the other hand, your journey is 4.51 points in Cabify, you will see 5 points added to your account.

13. If I am a new Cabify user and I have a credit code for first time users, how does it affect my point accrual?

If you have a discount code, you earn points on what you paid for that journey. For example, if the code gives you a 15% discount you only earn points on the remaining 85%.

14. What can I do with points once they are in my account?

Points accrued on your account are subject to the LATAM Pass Program Terms and Conditions, and you may use them in the LATAM Pass Program benefits, which can be viewed at https://www.latam.com/es_ec/latam-pass/

15. If I use Cabify in other countries, will I also accrue points?

No, this offer is only valid for services performed in Ecuador in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil for the Cabify Lite and Cabify Executive services.

16. I made my first journey after registering my LATAM Pass and I didn't receive my 600 LATAM Pass Points.

  • a. - Have you ever used Cabify before?

Remember that only 600 LATAM Pass Points will be credited to those new Cabify users who make their first journey with Cabify Lite or Executive. No credit is given to persons who have previously used Cabify. No points are earned if your journey was paid with a 100% discount voucher, if is a different percentage, the equivalent paid without a discount will be accrued.

If not, enter your claim in the form below

17. I don't know my membership number or I don't remember it. What can I do?

To find out your membership number or request it, go to https://www.latam.com/cgi-bin/site_login.cgi?page=https://www.latam.com/es_ec/latam-pass/sobre-el-programa/descubre-latam-pass/

18. I had an issue using Cabify, for more information or to answer questions about the service, who can I contact?

For more information about Cabify you can fill this form

19 . If I have any questions about points, limits, membership numbers or general information about LATAM Pass, where can I head to?

Information can be found at https://www.latam.com/es_ec/latam-pass/

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