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Why is there an error with my payment method?

If you’re being told there is an error with your payment method, it could be because your card is expired, or because you entered the details incorrectly. Try deleting your payment card and entering the details again.

Via the app:

  • Select the Menu button (your photo/person icon in the top left corner)
  • Select 'Payment methods'. You should see the payment card you selected. Tap on it for a couple of seconds to delete it.
  • Select the + in the top right corner and re-enter your payment details again.

Via the website:

  • Go to our home page and sign in to your account.
  • Select 'Account' and then 'Payment details'. Select ‘edit’ where you see your payment method details.
  • Re-enter the details.

If you’re still getting an error message and you’re sure you’ve entered the correct details, contact us and we’ll help you sort it out as quickly as possible.

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