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Cabify express (delivery)

Cabify Express: FAQs

What can I do if I need to contact the driver?

Once your order has been accepted, you will be able to see your driver’s contact details. If you need to speak to them, you just need to call the phone number shown on the screen.

A tip: if, for example, you’d like the driver to return to the pick up point or make various stops in the same journey, we recommend that you provide this information in ‘Delivery details’.

What can I do if I entered the wrong drop-off address?

If the driver has already collected the package, we recommend that you get in contact with them as soon as possible to give them the correct address. To avoid this happening again, it’s best to double-check that you’ve entered the pick-up and drop-off addresses and your contact details correctly before your order your Cabify Express.

If the driver has not yet collected the package, we recommend that you tell them about any changes when they arrive at the pick up location.

What if I want to make various deliveries?

In this case we recommend that you put the first delivery address as the drop off point. Then, in ‘Delivery details’, put the following places in which the driver will need to stop in order to make the rest of the deliveries.

In this case, the estimated price will not match the final price, because it will only take into account the pick up point and drop off point that you entered in the beginning, and not the rest of the stops.

What if the person who was supposed to receive my package isn’t there when the driver arrives at the drop off point?

In this case, we recommend that you contact with the driver to inform them of the new location of the person who is receiving the package of the details of a new person who will receive the package at the same location. If there is a change in the drop off address, a new journey will be charged.

I had a problem with a delivery; how can I inform Cabify?

For any problems you experience or doubts you may have, visit our Help Center where you’ll find all the information about Cabify Express in this link.

To find out where you can use this service, see ‘In which cities does Cabify Express operate?

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