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What is CabiFly

CabiFly is a new transportation experience in the greater São Paulo area, an air transportation format that allows people to fly by helicopter above the São Paulo traffic. CabiFly is the result of a partnership between Cabify and Voom (subsidiary company of AirBus), a platform that connects travelers to helicopters.

How can I schedule a flight?

CabiFly is easy to use. In the Cabify app, add the destination and then select the "CabiFly" category. When you are redirected to our Voom partner site, follow the steps below to complete your flight scheduling and make the payment.

When can I schedule a flight?

Passengers can book a flight with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 7 days in advance of your take-off time.

When can I make a flight?

Flights can be made at the following times: Monday to Friday (except holidays): 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday and holidays: 10am to 3pm.

Is traveling to the helipad with Cabify already included in the final price?

No. If you wish, you can request or reserve a Cabify to the helipad after scheduling your flight. The same goes for when landing at your destination.

In which heliports does Voom operate?

Voom today operates 7 heliports, all within the metropolitan region of São Paulo (the helipads are not all completely interlinked, check the available routes in the link below). The helipads available are:

  • Guarulhos Airport
  • Congonhas Airport
  • Viracopos airport
  • Campo de Marte Airport
  • Maksoud Plaza Hotel (Paulista)
  • World Trade Center Sao Paulo (WTC) (Berrini)
  • Blue Tree Premium Faria Lima Hotel (Itaim Bibi)
  • Alphaville Helicenter (Alphaville)
  • Helicidade Helicopter (Jaguaré)

In addition, you can check the routes available here.

How much is a flight?

Each route has a different price. Check cbify.com/CabiflyRotas, choose your city and the two helipads to see the price of the route.

Are Voom and Cabify the owners of the helicopters?

No. Voom is a platform that connects travelers to helicopters, which in turn are controlled by independent operators, similar to the relationship between Cabify and partner drivers. Voom is a subsidiary of Airbus, an aircraft manufacturer.

How will Voom and Cabfiy ensure passenger safety?

Passenger safety is Cabify and Voom's priority. We work to ensure your safety in many different ways:

  • All helicopters are modern, well equipped and comply with OEM operation and maintenance regulations;
  • The helicopter operators partners of Voom hold the license RBAC-135 of ANAC, the highest level to offer commercial air service. In addition, they all need to be approved by Voom through an additional audit;
  • Heliports must be properly licensed and operate according to the applicable regulatory guidelines;
  • The identity of all passengers is verified in the heliports before boarding and each one passes through established safety procedures and protocols;
  • We do not fly if the weather is bad (strong winds, poor visibility, etc.). If your flight is in these circumstances, we will notify you by phone in advance, and the amount charged will be refunded.

Is there a risk of not having helicopters available when I schedule my flight?

Yes but you will no longer have the option to select a date and time if there are no more seats available. We recommend scheduling in advance to ensure availability.

What happens if I miss my flight?

Customers who miss the flight will be charged in full. If you are running late, please contact the Voom Concierge on +55 (11) 4280 5344 or support@voom.flights as soon as possible. We will do our best to hold the flight for you. However, if there are other passengers on board, it will not be possible.

Do I need to carry an ID when flying?

Yes. When you register, you must inform your RG, CPF or passport. Take the document with you to the helipad. Just like at an airport, we need to confirm your identity.

Can my flight be shared with other people?

Yes, there is this option. Our sharing technology benefits our passengers by allowing them to get the lowest price for their journey.

How do I get to the helipad?

You can book a Cabify via the app from any location to the helipad from which your flight will depart.

How long will it take to get to the helipad?

It depends on your current location and your final destination. That's why you need to schedule your trip with at least an hour in advance.

What can I bring with me?

You can take up to 2 small personal items (each up to 10kg) and up to 1 luggage. Luggage will be subject to an additional charge (you will be informed at the time of booking). Luggage must weigh less than 23kg and be less than 158cm (length + width + height). Any item with wheels or a retractable handle is considered to be luggage.

What can not I take with me?

The following items are not allowed: weapons, explosives, pressurized gas containers or any other hazardous material. To see the full list of prohibited items, please see Voom website : https://www.voom.flights/terms_of_services.

Are children allowed to fly?

If you are traveling with children, please contact Voom Concierge on +55 (11) 4280-5344 to see the available options.

Can I bring pets with me?

Unfortunately, pets are not currently allowed on Voom flights.

Can I bring other people with me on the trip?

It is not currently possible to book a flight to another passenger. All passengers must create their own Voom account and make the booking independently.

When should I arrive at the heliport?

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before your flight. You will receive specific instructions on how to find the helipad by email and Voom will send you a message when your flight is confirmed.

What happens if I become ill or if there is another reason that makes it impossible for me to fly?

Please contact Voom Concierge as soon as possible on +55 (11) 4280 5344 or email support@voom.flights.

Can I change my flight after I have scheduled it?

If you would like to change your flight, please contact Voom Concierge as soon as possible on +55 (11) 4280 5344 or email support@voom.flights.

Can I cancel my flight?

We offer a short cancellation period in the window of your reservation. If you would like to change your flight, please contact Voom Concierge as soon as possible at +55 (11) 4280 5344 or support@voom.flights. There may be cancellation charges.

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