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Club Premier Aeromexico

Enjoy the Club Premier Aeromexico rewards program when traveling with Cabify.

  • To start earning points, download the Cabify app from the App Store or Play Store; Create an account with an email, enter your payment method and phone number.
  • You must register your Club Premier Account number in the FIDELIZATION PROGRAM option within your Profile in the app.
  • Once registered, just order your Cabify and start traveling. For each kilometer you travel, you’ll earn 1.5 (one point five) Premier Points.


Complete 25 or more journeys from the 1st to 31st of July and you’ll add 1500 additional Premier Points to those that you’ve accumulated during your journeys.

To get more information just click here 



1.- How and where can I enter my Club Premier account in the Cabify app?

2.- I can’t enter my affiliate number

    • a.- Are you entering the 9 digits of your Club Premier number?
      • Remember that all Club Premier numbers have 9 digits.
    • b.- Is it the first time you’ve entered your Club Premier number in the Cabify application?
      • Remember that your Club Premier number can only be associated with one Cabify / email account.

3.- My points do not appear in my Club Premier account

      • a.- Did you register your account in the Cabify app without any problems?
        • If not, return to section 1 of this guide
      • b. Registered your Club Premier account and still not accumulating points?
        • Make sure you’ve made at least one non-discounted journey using the payment method registered in your Cabify account, you should automatically start earning points on your next ride.
      • c.- Have you traveled after registering your Club Premier number in the Cabify app?
        • The points are not retroactive so you’ll have to register your Club Premier number before starting your trip. You won’t receive any if you added your Club Premier number after your journey was completed.
      • d.- Is this your personal Cabify account or is it a corporate account?
        • Only private accounts can accrue points, not business ones.
      • e.- Have you used any other promotions during the transaction?
        • Remember that you can use only one benefit at a time, so either use a discount or earn points with Club Premier.

4.- Where can I see my points total?

Please go to www.clubpremier.com to see your points balance.

5.- How long will it take for the points to appear in my account?

In no more than 48 hours after your Cabify journey.

6.- I made this trip with other people, can the points be divided among the passengers?

No. Points will only be registered to the account which ordered the service.

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