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Frequent questions: Iberia Plus & British Airways Executive Club

1.- I can not enter my affiliate number

    • a.- Are you entering the 8 digits of your affiliate number?

Please remember all affiliate numbers have 8 digits.

    • b.- Is this the first time you enter your affiliate number in the Cabify application?

Please remember that your affiliate number can only be associated to one Cabify account/ email.

2.- My points do not appear in my Affiliate Program account

    •  a.- Could you register your account in the Cabify app without any problems?

If not, go back to section 1 of this guide

    • b.- Did you travel after registering your Club Premier number in the Cabify app?

Remember that points are not retroactive and will not accumulate if you associated you affiliate number after your journey was finished.

    • c.- Is this your personal Cabify account or is it a corporate one?

Remember only particular accounts accumulate points, not corporate ones

    • d.- Have you used any vouchers during the transaction? 

(Depending on the country - some countries allow to both use a voucher and still accumulate points) If the particular country does not allow this: Remember you can make use of only one benefit at a time, either use the voucher or accumulate points with your affiliate program.

Program valid only in Spain, México, Chile, Portugal and Brazil

For terms & conditions visit the following Link.

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