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FAQ: Loyalty Programs: Iberia Plus, British Airways Executive Club and Vueling Club

In the following article, you will find answers and solutions for the most frequent questions and issues Avios’s users may have whenever they start collecting Avios through Cabify. This Program is only available in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Chile and Brazil. If you are part of Vueling Club, you can only earn Avios in Spain.

1.- I can't enter my affiliate number

      • a.1.- Make sure your loyalty program number has the correct format: 8 numbers for Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club as displayed below

Please remember all affiliate numbers have 8 digits.


      • a.2.- In the special case of Vueling Club, the affiliate number has 16 digits (numbers only)
      • b.- Remember that your affiliate number can only be associated to one Cabify account/ email. Also, take into consideration that you can only obtain points from 1 Loyalty Program at a time.

2.- My points do not appear in my affiliate program account

      • a.- Some verifications must be done before the Avios are fully credited. Therefore, it can take up to 15 days for the points to appear on your Loyalty Program account.
      • b.- Please, make sure that your affiliate number was entered correctly (see point 1) by checking in your Cabify Profile, the section of “Loyalty Program”.
      • c.- Remember that obtaining Avios is not retroactive, so you will not accumulate them if you entered your membership number after your journey was finished. This applies to the bonus (400 Avios for your first ride) as well.
      • d.- Remember only private accounts accumulate points, not corporate ones.
      • e.- Don’t forget that earning Avios is not cumulative with other promotions or Cabify discounts.
      • f.- You will only receive Avios for journeys made in the Cabify Lite and Cabify Executive categories.
      • g.- In the case of Vueling Club members, users can only earn Avios in Spain and follow the conditions for that country. It doesn’t apply for journeys made in the rest of the countries.

The amount of Avios to obtain may vary depending on the country in which the journeys took place. Remember that this program is valid only in Spain, México, Chile, Portugal and Brazil. For terms & conditions click here.

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