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Cabify express (delivery)

How can I order a Cabify Express?

If Cabify Express operates in your city (see ‘In which cities does Cabify Express operate?’) then you can order one via the app or the website.

  • Open the app or log in via the website
  • Select ‘Cabify Express’ from the choice of vehicles
  • Specify the pick up point and drop off point
  • Provide the delivery details: contact at pick up and drop off, package description, and instructions to the courier (don’t forget details such as flat number and floor, if necessary).
  • Confirm the order and...ready! We’ll be on our way to collect your item.

You can send gifts, small packages, documents and all sorts more. But be aware that limitations on package weight, size and delivery area apply, depending on your city. Check the service conditions here.


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