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How can I get a journey price estimate?

You can very easily and quickly get a price estimate on our website. Here’s how:

  • Log in to our website.
  • Go to ‘Your Rides’ on the left of the screen and choose a pick up and drop off point.
  • Choose the vehicle type.
  • Choose to make a reservation or on-demand booking.
  • You will see the ‘Estimated Price’ just above the Order button.

Via the app:

  • Open the app and choose your pick up and drop off points by tapping on the map or by writing the address.
  • If you want to make a reservation, choose ‘Reserve’ and select the date and time.
  • If you want an immediate journey, select your vehicle from the bar at the bottom of the screen and indicate a pick up point and drop off point.
  • When you enter the drop off point, the estimated price will pop up on the map.


High demand surcharges in certain cities may alter prices. Please see "What is the surcharge that applies during periods of high demand?"

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