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Why have I been charged a different prices each leg (outward / return) of the same journey?

Four factors can affect the price of your journey: Distance, predicted journey duration, vehicle availability, any extras.

1. Distance: Our system calculates the kilometres of the optimal route between two points, independently of the route taken by the driver. On occasions, it can happen that the optimal route from A to B is different to that of B to A (e.g due to one-way streets) and therefore any difference in kilometres will affect the price.

2. Predicted journey duration: This of course depends on real-time traffic conditions at the time of ordering. So, if you're returning at a much quieter time than when you left, you may see a lower price when you order your ride.

3. Vehicle availability: High demand surcharges in certain cities may alter prices. For example, if your return journey is at a time of high demand but your outward journey wasn't, your return journey may cost a bit more. Please see "What is the surcharge that applies during periods of high demand?" for more information.

4. Extras: If you use a toll road unexpectedly, make stops mid-journey, exceed the waiting time or use a child seat not already included in the price... all these bring an extra cost.

For more information see 'How is the journey price calculated?'.

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