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Can I receive my invoices via email?

Yes, all users that enter their or their business’s financial details can receive invoices via email.

  • Log in via our website
  • Select ‘Account’ on the left side of the screen and then choose ‘Company details.’
  • Enter your tax code and business address in the fields provided and press ‘Save’.

Businesses can contact their Cabify account manager to change the frequency of invoicing (choose from each 7 or 15 days). Invoicing varies slightly depending the country of operation, but in general, all users that give their financial details (or those of their business) will receive invoices.


In Spain, all users (autonomous companies) who introduce their tax data (NIF) will receive invoices via email on a monthly basis.


In Mexico invoices are sent daily to users who have given their tax data.


Invoices are sent monthly to all users that have introduced their tax details. There are no fixed charges and no minimum number of trips per month.

Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Portugal

Invoices are sent monthly to all users who enter their tax information.

Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic

We are currently improving our service, but for now these countries can not send invoices automatically. If you need us to send you the bill, please get in touch with your local Cabify office.

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