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What’s the difference between Cabify and a taxi?

With Cabify, you’ll enjoy various benefits that aren’t always available with taxis:

  • Clean, modern vehicles.
  • Smartly-dressed drivers ready to offer you the best service.
  • Fixed price based on the shortest route - you’ll know the price before you order, so you won’t pay more if you hit traffic.
  • Instead of waiting on the street for a taxi to pass, you can order a Cabify in a couple of taps via the app or website.
  • Our app lets you specify your journey preferences, such as radio station, air-con and driver service.
  • You can track and share your journey in real-time.
  • Don’t worry about carrying money, you’ll pay automatically via your account.
  • Enjoy free perks such as water, WiFi and magazines (depending on the country).

Additional regional information:

  • Spain:

Cabify vehicles use a VTC licence, which is different to a taxi licence.

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