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Can I have both a personal and business account?

Yes, of course.

We have designed the app so that you can easily switch to the account you need in that moment.

This will be especially useful if your company uses Cabify Business, as you might want to switch between accounts depending if your journey is for work or is personal.

Here's how to do so via the app:

  • Press twice on your photo/person icon in the top left corner
  • Select the account you wish to use next time you order a journey
  • If you only have one account, press ‘+’or ‘Add’’
  • You’ll then be able to register a new account by following the instructions or, if you’ve already registered, log in to add the account to your app.


Now you'll be able to switch between accounts before you order a journey, in just a couple of taps.

If you had a private and corporate account in Easy with only one email, you will have to create a personal account in Cabify (with a new email and payment method) to request private trips. That way you can have both accounts in your Cabify app and switch from one profile to another with just a few couple of taps.

The Easy category is available in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico for private users and Brazil, Colombia and Chile for corporate users.

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