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Can I have both a personal and business account?

Yes, of course. First you’ll need to register another account (see ‘How can I create an account in Cabify’) and select the ‘business’ option when you fill in your details.

We have designed the app so that you can switch to the account you need at that moment. Here’s how to add your other account once you’ve registered it.

Via the app:

  • Open the menu and press on your photo or the person icon with the tick (at the very top of the menu)
  • Select ‘Add account’
  • Enter the email and password of the account that you want to add (you should have already created it

Via our website:

  • Log in to your account
  • Select ‘Account’ on the left hand menu, and then ‘add user’.
  • Fill in the details of your other account, and hit ‘Save’

Once you have more than one account, you can switch between them via the main menu.

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